Gut Check


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time_trump_smallJon Meachan’s article about Donald Trump in this week’s edition of TIME magazine, is entitled Gut Check – For Trump, intuition beats experience. No matter how much you believe that Mr. Trump lacks any intuitive or experiential qualification to become the next US President, the article raises an important point.

Political and military leaders, investors, movie stars and other celebrities often use the expressions Gut Feelings, Listening to My Gut, or Gut Based Decisions when they talk about the way they have made important decisions, but Gut Check is a new version of the same theme.

Do any of these important people really think their decisions have anything to do with their gut? Or with the complex way our brain is connected to the gut and its trillions of microbial inhabitants? But as I write about in my new book The Mind Gut Connection, there is more science to these commonly used expressions than anyone had ever thought. In fact, we can indeed bypass the tedious rational decision making process that we are trained from Kindergarten on, and instantly access a gigantic database in our brains that was generated during a lifetime of emotional experiences, experiences that were accompanied by distinct patterns of gut activity. Listening to these gut feelings is a valuable habit, which more often than not leads you in the direction in life that best reflects your true Self.

If you want to learn more about these exciting scientific insights, check out the preview of Chapter 7. Understanding Intuitive Decision Making, or order the book on Amazon.