The Mind-Gut Connection Book

Learn more about Mind-Gut Connection in this series of video interviews with Dr. Mayer.



Part I. Our Body the Intelligent Supercomputer

Chapter 1. The Mind-Body Connection Is Real

Chapter 2. Gut Reactions: How the Mind Communicates with the Gut

Chapter 3. Gut Sensations: How Your Gut Talks to Your Brain

Chapter 4. Microbe-Speak: A Key Component of the Gut-Brain Dialogue


Part II. Intuition and Gut Feelings: How the Mind-Gut-Microbiome Communication Informs Our Everyday Decisions

Chapter 5. Unhealthy Memories: The Effects of Early Life Experiences on the Gut-Brain Dialogue

Chapter 6. A New Understanding of Emotions

Chapter 7. Understanding Intuitive Decision Making


Part III. How to Optimize Brain-Gut Health

Chapter 8. The Role of Food: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers

Chapter 9. The Onslaught of the North American Diet: What Evolution Did Not Foresee

Chapter 10. The Simple Road Toward Wellness and Optimal Health (And Take-Home Message)

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