Words of Wisdom

In this section we tap into the wisdom of individuals who look at the world in ways we can all learn from:

Encouraging Words For 2021
From Grant Bartlett, PhD I hope you are in Good Health and Positive Spirits. These are stressful times. Best Wishes for Health and Happiness in the New Year. May you be Blessed with all that is Good in this World. If I pause for a moment in the midst of the current global pandemonium and COVID-19 pandemic, and I reflect on the Bubonic Plague that killed 25,000,000 persons in a much less populated world; the Black Plague in London ...
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What Is the Relationship Between Mind-Gut Interactions, Happiness and Despair?
From Grant Bartlett, PhD Having been around for a multitude of decades during the terms of 15 US Presidents, 15 Canadian Prime Ministers, 18 British Prime Ministers, 5 Russian Dictators, 1 German Dictator, at least 1 Dictator in Italy, Turkey, most mid-East, eastern Europe, Africa, South America and points beyond countries, 9 Popes, 8 Archbishops of Canterbury, 1 King and 1 Queen. I believe it would be interesting to determine the historical mind-gut interaction during times of peace vs ...
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