Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging By Amanda Johnson The common narrative around aging is generally negative with everyone trying their best to work against the clock. Popular approaches that many people choose to take to combat aging are not always going to benefit our bodies the most. Cosmetic treatments, such as Botox injections, that are used to counteract …

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Flavonols to Avoid Frailty

Flavonols to Avoid Frailty By Juliette Frank When thinking about health tips for longevity, the goal is often focused on a longer lifespan instead of increasing the amount of healthy, able-bodied years to live, also called “health span”. One of the most common restrictions to a lasting active lifestyle is frailty, a geriatric symptom complex …

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Can Optimism Help You Live Longer?

Can Optimism Help You Live Longer? By Jill Horn Evidence from longevity research studies suggests that optimism may be key factor influencing healthy aging and lifespan, independent of lifestyle factors and gender. Importantly, recent studies have focused on investigating the role of optimism on lifespan in racially and ethnically diverse cohorts, given that previous studies …

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