Episode 70

The Lies I Taught In Medical School with Dr. Lufkin, MD

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In this episode of the MGC podcast, I talk to Dr. Robert Lufkin, author of the recent book “LIES I TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL. How Conventional Medicine is Making you Sicker and What You Can Do to Save Your Life”.

Dr. Lufkin has been an academic radiologist who has taught at both UCLA and USC, and is an author of more than 200 scientific papers and 14 books.

In this episode, I ask Dr. Lufkin a range of provocative questions, including:

  1. Which of the 10 chronic diseases you deal with in your book is the one where you feel the most misinformation has been transmitted in Medical School?
  2. Staying with the subtitle of your book: How Conventional Medicine is Making You Sicker and What You can Do to Save your Life. Even though I agree with you that conventional medicine hasn’t offered any solutions for the root cause of the current chronic epidemic of non-contagious diseases, and that the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of $$ keeping people alive without dealing with the underlying problem, it has been highly successful in increasing the life expectancy in most parts of the industrialized world, with an increasing percentage of the population living into their nineties and above. Let’s discuss.
  3. With the important role of the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex, and the food agricultural industrial complex in the current chronic disease epidemic, why blame it all on the role of Conventional Medicine?
  4. Bashing conventional medicine has become a popular topic for many internet celebrities, many of them MDs, only to recommend unsubstantiated treatments with no or little evidence with claims for longevity and miraculous solutions for obesity, metabolic syndrome and even Alzheimer’s disease. Would you include this misinformation under your book title as well?