Episode 47

The Importance of Soil For Our Gut Microbiome with David R. Montgomery & Anne Bikle

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In this episode of the MGC podcast, I talk to husband and wife bestselling writing team Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Anne Bikle, co-authors of the new book, WHAT YOUR FOOD ATE: How to heal our land and reclaim our health.

I talk to them about their amazing book, and discuss some crucial questions about where our food comes from, in which soil it has been grown and what this has to do not only with the plants’ but with our own health.

  • What is the main problem with our food supply?
  • What impact do the changes that have happened in the past 75 years have on our health?
  • What role does soil health and the microbes living in the soil play in our gut health?
  • How can the consumer respond to the problem?
  • How should the consumer make choices about the healthiest foods when shopping for food?


David is a professor at the University of Washington and an internationally recognized authority on geomorphology. He is a MacArthur fellow and a finalist for the Wilson Literary Writing Award. He has been a prolific author and has published several books including a trilogy about soil health, microbiomes and farming, including The Hidden Half of Nature and Growing a Revolution.

Anne is a biologist and environmental planner who has published articles in Nautilus, Natural History and Smithsonian. She has co-authored several books with David.

I have been inspired by their books and some of their presentation and widely acknowledged their work in my own books. I hope you enjoy!