Episode 69

The Emerging Science of Wellness with Nathan Price, PhD 

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In this episode, I speak to Nathan Price, PhD, co-author with Leroy Hood of The Age of Scientific Wellness. Nathan is Chief Scientific Officer of Thorne and was previously CEO of Onegevity, an AI health intelligence company that merged with Thorne prior to its IPO in 2021.

We discuss a wide range of topics and questions, including:

  • There is a seeming contradiction between the dramatic success of the 20th century model of healthcare and the realization that it is ineffective in meeting the challenges of the 21st century. What has happened?
  • In your book, you state that the future of medicine is personalized, predictive, data rich and in your hands. Can you explain?
  • You make a bold prediction in your book: We are on the cusp of time when we will have the capacity to begin to eliminate most chronic diseases of our time, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases. Is this realistic?
  • A growing number of self-declared health care providers take advantage of the situation by promoting quackery and snake oil approaches. What will it take to make an end to this proliferation of fake healthcare?
  • A major challenge of implementing the transition to a new personalized healthcare system is the successful business model of the current system (The Medical Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex), which makes billions of $$ in corporate and individual profits by keeping people alive without preventing or curing their diseases. How can we meet this challenge?