Episode 49

One Planet One Health with Miguel Freitas, PhD

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In this latest edition of the Mind Gut Conversation Podcast, I have the great pleasure to talk to Dr. Miguel Freitas, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Danone, as well as expert in microbiology, nutrition, and cell biology.

Dr. Freitas has had a career long interest in scientific and practical aspects on the complex interaction between probiotics, the gut, and the microbiota. Through his work at Danone, he has helped the global food and beverage company to translate the growing body of evidence on different probiotic strains into a range of popular consumer products.

Amongst many other topics we discuss in this interview such questions as:

  1. With so many products on the market related to fermented foods or supplements of probiotics, how can the average consumer decide which products have a true health benefit?
  2. Some products make claims that they improve “gut health”, “general wellness” or “digestive wellness”, others make even claims about “improving cognitive function”, or “slowing of cognitive decline”. How credible are these claims?
  3. For products such as yogurts, drinks, and snacks, taste may be most important to the consumer, rather than the scientific evidence for a health benefit. In your opinion, what are the 3 main criteria that influence consumers’ selection of a particular product?