Episode 8

Gluten Freedom with Dr. Alessio Fasano

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There are few topics in the eternal debates about the optimal diet, and about harmful foods than the topic of gluten sensitivity. There is definitely no shortage of books which have demonized gluten together with any food items that contain it. So it is assuring to listen to an unbiased and informed voice on this topic and there is nobody more suited to give such and advice than Harvard pediatric gastroenterologist Professor Alessio Fasano.

Dr. Fasano is the leading international authority on the topic of gluten related disorders and the author of a widely praised book about all aspects of gluten related disorders: Gluten Freedom: The Nation’s Leading Expert Offers the Essential Guide to a Healthy, Gluten-Free Lifestyle.

In this episode of the Mind Gut Connection Conversation,

Dr. Fasano talks about:

  • His book Gluten Freedom
  • Celiac disease
  • Wheat allergies
  • Non-celiac gluten sensitivity
  • And more…