Episode 66

Art as a Healing Tool with Larissa Trinder

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In this episode of the MGC podcast, I talk to Larissa Trinder, Assistant Vice President of Arts in Medicine at New York City Health + Hospitals who is responsible for stewarding a collection of more than 4000 works of art, the largest such collection in New York City. In addition, she has been creating and implementing programs for patients, staff and the community that utilize the arts as a tool in healing.

Larissa is a staunch advocate for the importance of the arts and humanities within a healthcare system to advance patient health outcomes, enhance staff engagement, morale and retention and to empower communities.

In this podcast, I talk to Larissa about the emerging role of art as an important component of healing environments. Here are just some of the topics we address:

1. What is the new Department of Arts in Medicine at New York City Health + Hospitals?
2. How did it develop in the 1930s, and how has it been able to survive economic downturns and financial crises?
3. What is the role of art in an effective healing environment?
4. How does art affect patient health outcomes, staff engagement and morale, and entire communities?