Interconnected Plates

A Mediterranean-Inspired Gut Healthy Cookbook


Looking forward for a book that combines science, culinary art, history and personal stories into an entertaining cookbook with delicious recipes?

With the right approach, such an optimal diet is very easy to create and follow. It is based on 3 basic ideas: 

  1. What is good for your microbiome is optimal for your gut, brain and metabolism. 
  2. The optimal food for your gut microbes are plant-based foods, containing a large amount of various fibers and phytochemicals such as polyphenols.
  3. The microbes will generate anti-inflammatory and health-promoting molecules from these two food components free of charge.

The Interconnected Plates cookbook will provide you with all the scientific background in simple laymen’s terms, historical information about the Mediterranean origin of many of the dishes, as well as easy to prepare some 60 delicious dishes. 


  • Learn about the origins and the basic principles of the traditional Mediterranean diet in a simple and easily understandable way.
  • Learn about the major ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, including primary vegetables, spices, herbs, fermented foods, nuts and seeds, and berries.
  • Learn about the 4 Ws of the Mediterranean diet: What to eat, When to eat, Where the food comes from and What impact your diet has on the environment.
  • Learn about the 4 Fs of the Mediterranean diet:  Fiber, Flavonoids, Fatty acids, Fermented foods
  • Learn how to prepare 60 delicious and gut healthy dishes, from colorful salads to savory mains and yummy deserts

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Who The Cookbook Is For

If you have been searching for simple, practical guidelines to prepare mouthwatering dishes that optimize the health of your gut and brain, the interconnected plates cookbook is just for you!

There has been a recent flood of dietary recommendations in the social media and of recipe books that all promote the Mediterranean diet concept.  Some of them are great with delicious recipes and beautiful food pictures.  But none of them are written by a scientist who has studied the brain, the gut and its microbiome for some 40 years, who has enjoyed traditional dishes on his many travels in Italy and who has partnered with a group of recipe creators from Italy, Spain and the US to transform the science of gut health into simple and mouthwatering culinary experiences.

In addition to the recipes, the book provides you with a historical basis of the origins of the Mediterranean diet and with many personal anecdotes told by the contributors to the individual dishes.

The book provides information about the key ingredients of this traditional dietary concept, and the main components that underlie its health benefits in healthy people. Should you suffer from any gut disorders that make you more sensitive to some of these components, you can easily modify the individual recipes  and individualize them for you.


Learn from Dr. Emeran Mayer and his team of contributors, who has created this book based on his longstanding interest in studying brain gut microbiome interactions and who has been promoting a healthy, largely plant based diet as the single most important step you can take to optimize gut health, reduce systemic inflammation in the body and brain, and promote healthy longevity.

After completing Dr. Mayer’s book and having enjoyed the dishes made up of various combinations of health promoting ingredients, you will become your own expert in creating gut and brain healthy dishes from the key ingredients of the traditional Mediterranean diet, an art that has evolved around the Mediterranean over more than 2000 years.