Take Charge Of Your
IBS Symptoms

With Dr. Emeran Mayer, MD

With The Right Approach, IBS Is Surprisingly Easy To Treat

The way your brain, gut and its microbes interact is unique to every person

There’s no single pill or standard diet that you can use to overcome IBS because the cause of your IBS is as unique as the way your brain, gut and microbiome interact.

What You'll Learn

Learn the cutting-edge science about the biological mechanisms behind IBS and IBS-like symptoms. Learn about the gut-brain connection, what IBS really is, what causes it, and what you can do to identify problems that are triggering your IBS.
Identify and remove the behaviors and foods triggering your IBS once and for all. Identify a personalized approach toward stress management and diet to help minimize or even eliminate digestive problems.
Learn how to heal your gut naturally, with minimal use of medications.

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Who The Course Is For

If you've been stuggling with IBS symptoms

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What To Expect From The Course

The course is organized into 8 video sessions which will provide you with a detailed up to date scientific information about the interactions of the brain gut and microbiome in health and in IBS.

  • Session 1: How to Become a Gut Health Expert
  • Session 2: The Gut Microbiome
  • Session 3: Perturbations of the Brain Gut Microbiome System
  • Session 4: The Brain
  • Session 5: Managing IBS
  • Session 6: Gut Directed Therapies and Diet
  • Session 7: Pharmacological, Natural and Mind-Targeting Therapies in IBS

Learn from Dr. Emeran Mayer, awarded by the American Gastroenterological Association, the American Psychosomatic Society and the German Society for Gastroenterology and Metabolic Disease, to lead the way in IBS management.

"Dr. Mayer uses common language to explain very complex scientific concepts."