Minestrone By Elisabetta Ciardullo Another classic of the huge Italian selection of winter (and summer!) soups is Minestrone. The versatility of this recipe is clear from the first spoon: a mix of vegetables, preferably seasonal, chopped small and put to simmer on the stove for a long time. The choice of the veggies mix is …

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Vegetable White Lasagna

Vegetable White Lasagna By Elisabetta Ciardullo I must admit this is not a quick dinner fix, but rather a festive dish that you can prepare with the help of your best friend or a family member for a beautiful, flavorful, satisfying and vegetarian holiday dinner. It is a fantastic option when you want to do …

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Chicken Roll-Ups

Chicken Roll-Ups By Elisabetta Ciardullo I don’t know what the fascination about roll-ups is, but while I was thinking about this recipe, I realized that in Italy we tend to roll everything up, from pasta to meat to frittata to crepes-like desserts. There are dozens of recipes calling for something rolled up and stuffed with …

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