Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Healthy Food Index Calories MACs Polyphenols Omega-3 FA/Total Fats
2.78 427 6.7 g 2.477 g 0.188

(Listed amounts are per serving. MACs = Microbe Accessible Carbohydrates. Amounts of MACs, total polyphenols and phenolic compounds are shown in g for all recipes.)


Wild Rice is technically not a rice, but the grain of four different species of grass, making it more related to the group of ancient grains. Its chewy texture and nutty flavor makes it a delicious dish which contains more MACs and less absorbable carbs than white rice, and is very rich in the polyphenol family of anthocyanins. In this recipe we add other polyphenol rich foods, including mushrooms, onion and EVOO, and provide a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts. Altogether it has an excellent healthy food index of 2.78.