What Is the Relationship Between Mind-Gut Interactions, Happiness and Despair?

From Grant Bartlett, PhD

Having been around for a multitude of decades during the terms of 15 US Presidents, 15 Canadian Prime Ministers, 18 British Prime Ministers, 5 Russian Dictators, 1 German Dictator, at least 1 Dictator in Italy, Turkey, most mid-East, eastern Europe, Africa, South America and points beyond countries, 9 Popes, 8 Archbishops of Canterbury, 1 King and 1 Queen. I believe it would be interesting to determine the historical mind-gut interaction during times of peace vs. times of privation and disruption. What is the relationship between mind-gut interactions, happiness and despair?

It appears to me that globally, and in particular in North America, we have drifted into three “Meism” Tribes: Me, Me and Me; Me, Me and Mine; and Me, Mine and More. Are these Meism Tribes the result of poor diets, fast foods, angst and hunger? I believe to become a healthy and positive nation we must focus on “Weism”. We is the most important word in Wealth, Welcome, Well, etc. Then we must ask “What impact does a Weism Society have on the mind-gut interaction?” And Vice Versa. Surely proper diets, clear minds and exercise must promote good health and happiness.

Stay Healthy!

Grant Bartlett, PhD is a Serial Entrepreneur, Global Traveler, Consummate Reader, Mentor to Millennials, former Hockey Team owner of the Calgary Flames who has experienced a myriad of Careers in Government, Academia and Industry. Grant has mapped the Rocky Mountains and explored the Ocean depths. He believes that when you reach the far horizon there will be another. Never stop Dreaming.