The Magic of the Ocean Is Everywhere

From Grant Bartlett, PhD

I have been watching sea planes, fishing boats, sail boats, whale watcher cruisers, freighters, kayaks, and paddle boards, come and go since first light this morning. All are traversing this great waterway of life. And, nearby, orcas pod, sea otters frolic, seals protect their land-based territory and myriads of fish and microorganisms move unseen below the surface, untroubled by Homo sapiens. And one’s imagination has no bounds.

I am reminded of Ernest Hemingway’s “ The Old Man and the Sea”. Winner of the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes in 1951. To me, and I believe unrecognized by Hemingway, it is the best start-up business book ever written.

For example, the old man made several attempts to gather resources. He then catches the fish of his dreams (we build our companies). As he heads home, his prize fish is devoured by sharks (our companies are taken over and controlled by financial sharks). He leaves the large skeleton on the beach (entrepreneurs are replaced in management). People pass by the great fish skeleton and comment “that must have been a great fish” (people pass by the entrepreneur and state “I heard that was a great company”). The old fisherman goes home to bed to drown his sorrows, and wonders where he will get the resources to go and catch another prize fish (the entrepreneur, has two double scotches, drowns his sorrows, and checks his contact list to begin again.

Oh, yes! The magic of the Sea is everywhere. Recognize It! Live It! Time and Tide Wait For No One!

Health & Happiness!

Grant Bartlett, PhD is a Serial Entrepreneur, Global Traveler, Consummate Reader, Mentor to Millennials, former Hockey Team owner of the Calgary Flames who has experienced a myriad of Careers in Government, Academia and Industry. Grant has mapped the Rocky Mountains and explored the Ocean depths. He believes that when you reach the far horizon there will be another. Never stop Dreaming.