Advance Praise

“Dr. Emeran Mayer is a microbiome magician, pulling back the veil on our interconnected world and then showing us to to harness nature’s healing energy. This is a life changing bookby by one of the great scientists of our generation.”
— Will Bulsiewicz, MD, bestselling author of Fiber Fueled.
“Finally, a book that treats gut health, human health, and ecological health as one subject. A revelatory read from a doctor, writer and thinker we all need to hear from, now more than ever.”
— Dan Barber, New York Times bestselling author of The Third Plate and chef of the 2 Michelin star restaurant Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns
“In his new book, Dr. Mayer beautifully points out the close interconnectedness between our own health, and the health of the soil and the environment, and the crucial role that the trillions of microbes play in this planetary network. The book is both a unique collection of information, as well as an urgent call to action for everybody concerned about the deteriorating state of our universal health.“
— Yvon Chouinard, Founder and Owner of Patagonia, Inc.
“We live in an environment dominated by ultra-processed, fast food, which is fueling disease and hurting the planet. In The Gut-Immune Connection, Dr. Emeran Mayer, draws important connections between the gut microbiome and our immune system, describing how individuals can take action to harness this powerful force to promote well-being. It is a must read for those searching for a path to better human and planetary health.”
— Erica Sonnenburg, PhD, Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Erica and Justin Sonnenburg are the authors of the book The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-Term Health
“Dr. Mayer takes a fascinating deep dive into the microbial world that links the health of our bodies with the health of our environment, revealing the deep interconnections between the planet’s life support systems and our own.”
— Liz Carlisle, PhD, author of The Lentil Underground
“Dr. Mayer will not only open your eyes to the critical importance of the variety of microbes that inhabit our gut, but also to the broader picture of how food choices that support biodiversity can save lives, shield us from novel infections, and protect the planet. It is fascinating how choices to improve our personal health are connected to the preservation and creation of fertile soils, clean waterways and ultimately our mothership, Earth and our progeny.“
— Joel Fuhrman, MD, Seven-time New York Times Bestselling Author
“In Medicine, the ‘Holy Trinity’ means something different: the brain, the gut, and the immune system. Each contributes to health through its effects on the others. We’re lucky, because Emeran Mayer is an expert in each. And he knows the only way to fix all three at once is to fix the food.”
— Robert Lustig, MD, author of Fat Chance and of The Hacking of the American Mind.
“Now more than ever we need to understand the critical connection between what we put in our body, and our resistance to disease. Focusing on the three foundational pillars of the gut endocrine system, immune system, and nervous system, Dr Mayer breaks down the science and lays out a plan to reclaim immunity, vitality, and health.”
— Robynne Chutkan, MD, FASG, author of Gutbliss and The Microbiome Solution.