Selin Bilgin

Guest Contributor

Selin Bilgin, B.A, C.H.N, is a speaker, podcast host, author, and the founder of Luscious Living: Where Personal Growth Meets Wellness.
She believes that the more people we have on the planet that feel truly confident, healthy, and radiant from the inside out, the better world we will live in. Selin’s work intricately connects the mind (thoughts and emotions) and the body (nutrition and lifestyle), for lasting and sustainable wellness.

She consults women primarily around hormone balance and weight release, and delivers workshops to companies such as Lindt, RBC, CIBC, and more, about wellness, productivity, and healthy habits. Her book, The Painless Period Guide, teaches women on how to improve PMS symptoms through lifestyle and nutrition, as well as learning to live in tune with our four feminine cycles.

You can also find Selin snowshoeing out in the mountains, improv acting, drumming, or curled up on the couch with a book.

Connect with Selin at, on the Luscious Living Podcast, or on Instagram.