Michelle Chang

Recipe Contributor

Michelle Chang was born in Taiwan in 1967. In 2012, she moved to France, and in 2017, opened her restaurant, La 5ème Saveur. Her cuisine is a revisitation of French cuisine through fermentation. She is also a writer and columnist for a Taiwanese health magazine.

In 2018, she was a finalist in the "Talents Gourmands du Finistère" competition. The president of the jury and starred chef of “Les Trois Rochers”, Frédéric Claquin, said of her cooking, "This cuisine is probably 10 years ahead of its time."

A teacher in Taiwan for 25 years, Michelle is fortunate to have inherited the talents of her mother, a cook, and her father, a painter. She cooks by intuition, reads many cookbooks, fermentation books, as well as scientific books on the role of food and intestinal absorption of different nutrients.

In 2014, she experimented with lacto-fermentation and alcoholic-fermentation. Since 2015, she has specialized in the fermentation of koji, tempeh, miso, natto, kombucha, kefir, kvass and creates her own recipes using local ingredients and spices.

For her, the most important thing is to offer a healthy cuisine, while exalting the flavor of the products through fermentation.

Motto: "Love and time exacerbate the natural flavors of food."

Publication: Ma Cuisine Fermentée ( French edition published in October 2021)