Excerpts from The Gut Immune Connection – Chapter 10. A New Paradigm for Healthy Eating – List of Annotated Recipes

The information available on this website provides general information about gut healthy and immune healthy recipes. You can find detailed information about the required ingredients and cooking instructions in Chapter 10 of The Gut-Immune Connection, which is now available for prepublication orders here.

As I expressed throughout The Gut-Immune Connection, I strongly believe that by focusing primarily on the nutrients essential for the health of our microbial communities, we will avoid foods that are bad for us, and automatically provide our body with enough high quality macro and micro nutrients, without ever having to worry about getting enough protein, vitamins or trace minerals. At the same time, due to the overall low caloric density of the recommended dishes, it will keep the daily intake of calories within a range that is closely matched to our body’s energy needs.

Always remember, switching to this healthy way of eating is not a temporary fix to combat overweight and obesity, only to be replaced by the next well publicized magic weight loss diet. As I explained throughout The Gut Immune Connection, the mismatch of the changes in our gut microbiome in response to our unhealthy Western diet with our bodies may be one of the root causes of our current public health crisis, not to mention the deleterious consequences for the environment.

The real problem with adhering to an unhealthy diet is not the undesired extra pounds, but the very serious long term consequences of metabolic dysregulation with all its ramifications from cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive decline and greater vulnerability for infectious diseases. To return to and strive for optimal health, requires a lifestyle change based on the realization of the health of our bodies, our gut, the plants and the environment are all nodes in a gigantic network, the activity of which is closely dependent on the integrity of the microbial world inside and outside of us. However, to change this global network, a lifelong adherence to a healthy diet is essential.