New Year Resolutions

From Grant Bartlett, PhD

With the Western New Year already in full swing, and the Lunar New Year just having started, we thought it would be a good time to listen to Grant’s thoughts about this important topic.

I have several views on New Year Resolutions and New Year Celebrations. The concept was first celebrated by the Babylonians 4000 years ago. However, their new year was celebrated in March with the planting of new crops and wishes for a successful future.

I have made hundreds of “Resolutions” with a modicum of success. The success rate universally is alleged to be 15%. We state a Purpose (Resolution). We announce it with Passion (Enthusiasm). And, our Perseverance (Fortitude) fails us. Now, this would be a very interesting Mind-Gut Research Project. Where does Perseverance reside?

New Year Resolutions according to Westcott are “a triumph of hope over experiences”. They are a way to quantify what we wish for ourselves. They are a method of quantifying personal dissatisfactions and erasing errors of the past year. Moreover, they are now mainly a focus of self-improvement such as lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, volunteer more, etc. We now use our NYR’S
as a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and reinforces humility.

My first and foremost “Resolution” for 2021 is to lend a “hand-up” to ensure, as Emerson so aptly stated, that one life has breathed easier because I cared. Just reflect on the impact if every individual gave a “hand-up” to just one other person. “What a wonderful world it would be”. Discard Meism and celebrate Weism!

My second Resolution for 2021 is to consistently practice all areas for self-improvement. One must be strong for one’s self to be
strong for all others.

And, as we “take a cup of Kindness yet, let us all pour a cup of Kindness for our Fellowman.
The Heart that Gives ……gathers. In fishing terms: We are the line, the lore the rod and more.

May 2021 be a “Best Ever” Year!

Grant Bartlett, PhD is a Serial Entrepreneur, Global Traveler, Consummate Reader, Mentor to Millennials, former Hockey Team owner of the Calgary Flames who has experienced a myriad of Careers in Government, Academia and Industry. Grant has mapped the Rocky Mountains and explored the Ocean depths. He believes that when you reach the far horizon there will be another. Never stop Dreaming.