Editors’ Picks

In this section we highlight products and activities which we find meet the highest criteria to achieve the goal of One Health for the mind and body, for the environment, animal welfare and for the planet.

The Editors have personally evaluated these products and are excited to showcase them here, without having any commercial interests in any of the recommended items.

100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Marco Cavalieri, the owner of Le Corti Dei Farfensi in Fermo, on the picturesque Adriatic coast of Italy produces extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from 800-year old olive trees, using a wide variety of olives, including the Sargano, Carboncella, Ascolana, Coratino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. An 800-year old tree may sound ancient but it is practically a sapling in olive oil-making years: Olive trees started to grow in the southeast part of the Mediterranean basin more than 6 thousand years ago, ...
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