I want to bring awareness to Le Corti Dei Farfensi’s extra virgin olive oil not only because it is made from centuries-old olive trees and it tastes delicious, but because the process they follow to produce this oil puts both our own health as well as the planet’s health as a priority. I have visited the place where these olives are harvested, and can attest to the uniqueness of this oil by observing the production process from the picking of the olives, to the pressing of the oil.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Farfensi monks who have lived for centuries in the territory, they chose to adopt certified organic production methods. No indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources; no use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or hormones. Instead, in the same spirit as the monks, they have been cultivating in harmony with the environment and the cyclical principle that everything in nature comes and goes. Learn more here!

Disclosure: I have no commercial affilations with Le Corti Dei Farfensi